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At Florida Inspections Unlimited, we are one of the top property inspectors in Davie. We have built a great reputation by offering tailored services aimed at meeting our client’s needs and budget. We also work with a highly skilled and extremely professional team of property inspectors who will unearth for you all the details you need to know about the given property.

The fact that our services are available on very flexible schedules also makes us the preferred company for individuals who need their services when it is most convenient to them. Allow us be you number one property inspector and enjoy the pleasure of working with really competent professionals. Get in touch with us if you need these or any other property inspection services in Davie:

Home Inspection – Let us be there whenever you intend to purchase a new home in Davie. With the home inspection Davie services you get from us, you will be adequately informed on the exact state of the property you are just about to buy. You will thus be well advised whether or not to go ahead with the purchase based on the home inspection report.

Wind Mitigation Inspection –Wind mitigation inspection Davie services is not just to protect your property against the devastating effects of strong winds, but also you can use it to save some money and lower your insurance premiums.

Mold Inspection – with mold inspection Davie services, we not only get rid of any existing mold in your structures, but also ensure that the conditions will never be right again for any mold attack in the future. This is how to protect your health and property from the devastating effects of mold.

4 Point Inspection – with 4 point inspection Davie services, our qualified inspectors will take a closer look at your roofing, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems with the aim of identifying flaws that could pose a safety threat as well as make you spend a lot of money on the utility bills.

Roof Inspection – Use our roof inspection Davie services to have your roof in good state at all times and avert potential that might lead to compromising the entire safety of your house.

Radon inspection – radon inspection Davie will help you ensure that you don’t have the dangerous gas accumulating within your structure. Remember, this is the second largest cause of cancer in the USA and you don’t want to fall a victim because you were never aware of its presence within your building.

Chinese Drywall Inspection – if the building you are occupying has a Chinese drywall, then you need to be aware of the potential dangers that a defective Chinese drywall can have on your health as well as the quality of the indoor environment. The only way to avert all those is to use our Chinese drywall inspection Davie services.

Why work with us

  • Reliable, affordable and fast property inspection services
  • Fully licensed property inspectors in Davie
  • Wide range of property inspection services to meet the varied needs of our clients
  • Flexible means of payment
  • 24/7 Customer care services
  • Fast submission of property inspection reports – usually within 48 hours

Need Help?

Florida Inspections Unlimited is ready and well equipped to offer you with any type of property inspection services you may need in Davie. Call us now on 305-910-1171 for dependable property inspection services.

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