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If you live in Homestead or any southern coastal areas of the state, Florida Inspections Unlimited wants to ensure that your home is protected against one of the most invasive pests and wood destroying organisms in this region of the US – the termite.  While the most common species are the dry wood and subterranean varieties, we have seen a 30% increase in the Asian and Formosan termite populations.  Fortunately, we provide industry leading termite inspection services in Homestead for individuals who are buying a home or selling their current residence.

What You need to know about Termites

No matter what time of year it is, southern Florida’s warm, humid (or tropical) climate entices different species of termites to swarm year-round.  In the majority of cases, the subterranean termite swarms between October and February during daylight hours.  As a result, effective termite control is essential to maintaining the structure of your home and the property it’s standing on.  It goes without saying that the need for our Florida Inspections Unlimited services is ongoing.

A heavily populated colony of termites can contain over a million aggressive workers constantly consuming 100 pounds of wood on an annual basis, sometimes even more.  Furthermore, the average cost of treatment and repairing the damage they cause can exceed $8,000 to $10,000.  Unfortunately, this activity is usually undetected.  Keep in mind that all they need is a credit card sized crack to get into your home and start eating away at the structure – without any visible signs!  Worst of all, they never stop eating.

Although certain threats such as burglary, lightning strikes, and vandalism are normally covered in your homeowner’s policy, termite control treatment and the cost of structural repairs aren’t.  That’s where Florida Inspections Unlimited can help.  With our home termite inspections services in Homestead, you receive the most advanced, cost-effective termite control technologies and products available today.  We also offer one of the strongest customer-satisfaction guarantees in the pest control industry.

Florida’s most Comprehensive Termite Inspection Services

Whether you’re purchasing your first home or decide to lease, rent out, or sell your existing home, we’ll provide wood destroying organisms (WDO) inspection services in Homestead that will ensure year-round protection for you and your family.  Your home is the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime.  So why would you put it at risk? We can provide a thorough, detailed inspection within 24 to 48 hours from the time you call us.  By having a better understanding of the threat, you’ll know how to combat it while we are always here to help.

When it comes to choosing the right termite inspection companies in Homestead, you can always rely on our industry leading services and technologies.  For more information about residential termite inspection or termite inspection for home purchase Homestead services, contact Florida Inspections Unlimited at 305-910-1171. Our team is available to ensure that your questions and queries on termite control are answered while we can schedule an evaluation at no cost.


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