What We Offer

Property Inspection Key Biscayne

At Florida Inspections Unlimited, we offer full service inspection and environmental testing services to give you the peace of mind, knowing that you are occupying safe and sound structures. We have a professional team of certified inspectors, who have the knowledge, experience and expertise to offer all kinds of inspection and environmental testing services.

With our services, you are guaranteed of a detailed review of your property to reveal the tiniest flaws that may have potential dangers to the integrity of the property or the safety of its occupants. Our quality and reliable home inspection services are available to sellers, home buyers, realtors, insurance companies, investors, lenders as well as title companies interested in home inspection in Key Biscayne.

Property Inspection Services

Florida Inspections Unlimited brings you a wide variety of property inspection and environmental testing services. They include but are not limited to the following-:

Home Inspection – before spending your hard earned cash on a new home, it is financially prudent to have the home inspected so that you can have a thorough understanding of its state before closing. Look no further than Florida Inspections Unlimited for home inspection Key Biscayne.

Wind Mitigation – since Key Biscayne is a windstorm prone area, windstorm inspection becomes a matter of importance, and not just a mere convenience. Florida Inspections Unlimited provides you with wind mitigation inspection Key Biscayne services that are not just to ensure that your property is safeguarded against strong winds, but also save you a lot of money and lower your premiums, since you will be qualified for discounts and credits under the Key Biscayne Laws.

Mold Inspection Key Biscayne Services – mold attacks should never be taken lightly by homeowners. Other than risking the health of the occupants of the house, mold can easily compromise the structural integrity of your home, which in turn might lead to huge losses. We offer quality mold inspection and mold testing Key Biscayne to help you protect the health of your family members and also enhance the longevity of your structures.

4 Point Inspection – With 4 Point inspection services, you not only enhance the safety of your home, but also lower your claims since most of the home owners insurance companies have become skeptical when issuing homeowner insurance policies to homes older than 30 years. Take advantage of our 4 Point inspection Key Biscayne to be on the right books with the home insurance companies.

Roof Inspection – Roof neglect is usually the number cause of structural weaknesses in buildings. With our roof inspection Key Biscayne services, we will ensure that your roof is in good shape all year round so that you are never worried when the storms come or when the summer sun is scorching everything else.

Radon Inspection – Don’t risk the lethal health effects associated with the presence of radon in buildings. Take advantage of our radon inspection Key Biscayne services to avoid the injurious effects of radon on your health.

Any other inspection services – we are also offer other services such as Chinese drywall inspection Key Biscayne, commercial inspection services, and 40 year building recertification in Key Biscayne amongst others.

Why choose our services

In as much as there are other property inspection services in Key Biscayne, we offer you great benefits which you might not find with the other service providers. The following are some of the unique advantages that set up apart from the rest-:

  • We are state-licensed inspectors
  • We offer timely, reliable and affordable services
  • Qualified, experienced and certified inspectors
  • Comprehensive property inspection and environmental services
  • Faster report turnaround times of 24 and 48 hours
  • State of the art technology for accuracy in inspection and testing
  • Emergency inspection services available
  • 24/7 Customer support via phone and email

Need Help?

Florida Inspections Unlimited is ready to help you with your property inspection in Key Biscayne. For fast, thorough, and professional inspection services, call 305-910-1171 and request a free estimate today.

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