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Often referred to as the “hidden destroyer”, termites are one of southern Florida’s most invasive pests.  Pest control experts contend that these pests are responsible for over $5 billion dollars in structural damage every year.  At Florida Inspections Unlimited, we provide the most extensive line of home termite inspections services in Miami Gardens at affordable rates.  As a responsible homeowner, you should schedule a wood destroying organisms inspection once a year. Not only will this help you get the complete structural integrity of the house checked but if there is any damage by termites, the infestation can be controlled.

Know the Warning Signs

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that they have a termite issue until significant damage has occurred and they’re facing costly, extensive repairs to the structure of their home.  The two primary species of pests found by termite inspection companies in Miami Gardens are the dry wood and subterranean varieties.  In addition to these two, there is the Asian and Formosan varieties.  These have become more of a problem over the past 5 years as their populations have grown 30%. Keeping a tab on the infestation becomes important.

While a home termite inspection service in Miami Gardens can be helpful in identifying the potential for termite damage, you can help minimize the risk by looking for the following warning signs:

  • buckling laminate or wooden floorboards
  • climbing mud tubes on your home’s foundation
  • discarded wings that resemble fish scales
  • doors or windows that stick
  • drywall that is discolored or drooping
  • floorboards squeaking excessively
  • hollow sounding wood
  • loose floor tiles
  • maze-like patterns on floorboards, furniture, or walls
  • mounds of salt or pepper-like pellets
  • paint peeling that looks like water damage
  • pinpoint-sized holes in drywall
  • swarms of termites on your property
  • wood that is crumbling or appears damaged

If you spot any of these or a combination of them, you should call Florida Inspections Unlimited immediately.  Once you have this knowledge, it will be easier for you to start protecting your home and avoid costly structural repairs in the future.  After all, your home is the biggest investment you will ever make in your lifetime and you sure would not want to damage it due to neglect. We recommend that if not every six months but at least an yearly inspection is important to maintain the structural integrity of the house.

Why a Home Termite Inspection?

Scheduling a wood destroying organisms (WDO) inspection service in Miami Gardens can be extremely helpful if you’re a homeowner and want to lease or rent out your property.  If you’re considering selling your home, termite inspections are required in many areas of the greater Miami area and southern Florida.  We also provide termite inspection for home purchase services in Miami Gardens, if you’re a new home buyer or purchasing a larger home for your growing family.

For more information regarding our home termite inspections services in Miami Gardens, contact Florida Inspections Unlimited at 305-910-1171.


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