4 Point Inspection Miami

Undertaking a four point inspection of a home is one of the best decisions you can ever make. It will not only help you enhance the safety in a home, but it will also lower your claims. Florida Inspections Unlimited performs professional four point inspections to ensure every home owner maintains a safe and cost-effective home.

Is a 4 Point Inspection Mandatory?

Yes, insurance companies have become increasingly resistant to issue Homeowner Insurance Policies on older homes (usually 20 years old or more). Therefore, a 4 point inspection is mandatory to obtain insurance.

Florida 4 Point Inspection

Essentially, our four point inspection covers the roof, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air cooling system.  While there are no specific requirements demanded by insurers, we have established from our experience that age, the type of system, and its conditions are some of the vital things to consider. The quality and standards of the system are also considered during inspections. Our home inspectors will carry out a 4 point inspection and advise you on potential pitfalls that could disqualify you from homeowners insurance. We focus on probable age, components, and general condition of home systems and give timely recommendations after each inspection.

Why Florida Inspections Unlimited

With more than a 2,000 inspections and extensive knowledge and experience in home inspections, Florida Inspections Unlimited is ready to serve you. You can request for a 4 point inspection separately or as part of our full line home inspection services. We serve all major cities and towns in Florida and we’re available for same day, weekday appointments or weekend visits. Just call our office at 305-910-1171 and request a free estimate.

Over the years, Florida Inspections Unlimited has built a solid reputation based on excellent customer service and customer satisfaction for all our inspections. We take great pride in the fact that we have knowledgeable and state licensed home inspectors who are conversant with the intricacies of home inspections in Florida. Once you use our inspection service, we’ll conduct timely inspections and provide you with a report.

Need Help?

For a faster, organized, and cost-effective home inspection in Florida, call 305-910-1171 and request a FREE estimate today! Our professional inspectors will answer all your questions and address your concerns as well. We follow standard home inspection procedures and streamline our forms and documentation to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements of insurance companies in Florida.

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