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Defective Drywall

If you own a home or building that has Chinese dry wall, chances are you’re concerned about the potential effects on the indoor environment and occupants. Chinese drywall is a building phenomenon that has drawn the attention of media and consumer protection agencies in the US.  A report by the Interagency Taskforce on Chinese Drywall found that defective walls were found to have higher levels of sulfur than non-defective walls.  Defective walls are associated with respiratory problems such as a sore throat, cough, nose bleeds and sinus headaches.

Florida Unlimited Inspectors have performed numerous Chinese Drywall Inspections across Florida. Defective walls contain elements that trigger chemical reactions when exposed to higher temperatures and humidity.

Every time you use the services of a Chinese dry wall inspection company in Florida you should have assurance of timely and professional service. Our home inspectors have industry–wide knowledge and hands-on experience in drywall inspections and remediation. They will provide you with reliable information and credible results on any wall. We employ comprehensive and invasive (but safe) methods in determining whether a home or building has a defective drywall. We understand the dangers of having defective walls. So, don’t make a mistake if you have a suspected defective drywall. Hire our professionals today.

Chinese Drywall testing is one of the most effective ways of detecting defects of drywalls in a home or commercial premise. If you suspect that you have a defective Chinese drywall, we urge you to contact our home inspectors immediately. We perform inspections on single family homes, duplexes, commercial premises, and industrial facilities.

Florida Inspections Unlimited urges you to always contact professional inspectors. We have experienced and licensed inspectors who perform thorough inspections and reviews to ensure that all defective walls are removed or remediated. All our inspectors undergo rigorous training and tests so you can rest assured that you will receive an accurate and objective report of inspection. You can count on us to conduct thorough tests and provide you with timely results and professional recommendations.

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Florida Unlimited Inspections provides fast rate Chinese drywall inspections and consultations. Our professional home inspectors will answer all your questions and advise you properly.  Call 305-910-1171 today to schedule an appointment or to request a FREE quote.

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