Water Testing Miami

Water Potability & Well Testing 
We offer complete testing of you well or public water supply. We can test for basic contaminants as required by most mortgage companies or FHA,VA  to a comprehensive scan for your own information. In addition to testing the potability of the water we can test the function of the well to determine if there is adequate water to meet your daily needs.

Some experts believe the toxins in our drinking water are the number one health threat causing cancer, heart disease and lead poisoning. Such chronic illnesses are brought on by the body’s absorption. Water contaminants not only affect our health, but they can also corrode fixtures, stain and deteriorate clothing and household surfaces, alter the taste of food and drinking water, and slowly turn hair orange.

YOU could find high elevated levels in your water.

  • Chlorine
  • Nitrate/Nitrite
  • Iron
  • Water Hardness
  • Water Acidity (pH)
  • Copper
  • Lead

Pipes and Solder

Lead is used in some water service lines and household plumbing materials. Lead can leach, or enter the water, as water flows through the plumbing. Lead pipes and lead solder were commonly used until 1986

How Do I Know If My Water Is Contaminated? Call Florida Inspection Unlimited at 305-910-1171 and we will test your water.

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