Wind Mitigation Inspection Miami

Substantial Savings

Windstorm inspections are extremely important for home buyers and homeowners alike. Wind Certifications from Florida Inspections Unlimited will save you substantial money and lower your insurance premium. Florida Law qualifies wind certified homeowners for credit, discounts, and differential rates on premium..

Find out how much you can save on your wind insurance by doing a Wind Mitigation

Inspection: Calculate Your Savings

Every home is covered with structures that are designed to shield it from the elements and wind. Good structures and roofing can protect the home and keep it intact for a lifetime. Poor structures and roofing makes the home vulnerable to powerful winds. Florida Inspections Unlimited provides first rate wind mitigation inspections. You can use our services with full confidence because all our home inspectors are properly trained and licensed to practice in the state of Florida

As a leading Florida home inspection company, Florida Inspections Unlimited provides in-depth assessments and timely reports on wind mitigation. Whether you are buying, selling or a current homeowner, we will help you know the wind resistance capacity of any home or building.

Safety for Your Family

During wind inspections, Florida Inspections Unlimited will look at how certain areas of your home were designed and constructed. Our inspectors will examine the reinforcements and exterior shell and determine whether or not it will withstand uplift and lateral force winds.  Besides that, they will look at roof decks, roof design, tie-downs, and protection systems for doors and windows as well. By carrying out a thorough inspection, we’ll be able to determine vulnerable areas and recommend the kinds of changes or reinforcements you should make to protect your home.

If you so wish, we can combine home inspection with wind mitigation inspection or conduct it separately.

During home inspections, we will check the year that the roof was built and determine the structural integrity of the roof. Our home inspectors will look at several aspects such as the roof shape, structure, decking type and nailing pattern among others.

Shutter Mitigation Miami

Learning how best to protect your windows, doors, skylights and garage doors will help you save on your hurricane insurance.

Commercial Building Wind Mitigation Inspection Miami

Insurance companies require for commercial buildings that have four or more stories to complete a Building Type II and III Wind Mitigation Inspection form (MIT-BT II and III). Our state-certified engineers and general contractors will assess the safety of the building by verifying roof structure and the open protections.

Need Help?

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