Mold Inspection & Testing Miami

Mold Testing Miami

Whether you’re buying, selling or a homeowner, mold remains a major concern for everyone. Mold exists naturally and it’s one of the most dangerous organisms that can invade your home. You can find it in plants, foods, and organic materials that exist indoors and outdoors.  Often, mold spores enter our homes through windows, doorways, and HVAC systems. It thrives in humid environments such as leaky roofs & pipes, bath tubs, humidifiers, and overflowing sinks.

Left unchecked, mold presence can drastically lower the value of a home. Exposure to mold can trigger severe health problems. Small exposure to mold spores can cause mild allergic reactions while a large exposure can cause asthma attacks. Normally, the health effects and symptoms vary from person to person. Are you worried that mold may have infested your home or business?

Florida Inspections Unlimited offers professional black mold inspection and testing services in Miami and throughout South Florida. We will examine all areas that may harbor mold and do air testing to determine mold levels. Our inspectors will undertake swift and thorough inspections and provide you with a detailed report on the state of your home or business. We’ll give your property a clean bill of health and make professional recommendations on dealing with the menace of mold whether you are buying, selling or a current homeowner.

Air Quality Testing

The quality of air in your home is very important for occupants. Volatile organic compounds and toxic gases such as a carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides can contaminate the air in your home and cause serious health problems. If you suspect the air in your home is contaminated, call us and request for a proper test. As an accredited and fully certified Miami mold inspection and indoor air quality inspection company, we perform Indoor Air Quality Testing and Consulting services for clients in Florida. Our professionals can undertake small or large air quality inspections for home owners and commercial clients.

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