Roof Inspection Miami

Your roof is an integral part of your home. It provides protection from weather elements and supports the upper structure. If you want it to remain fully-functional, you have to keep the roof structure in good shape.

Florida Inspections Unlimited has been providing fast and thorough roof inspections to residential and commercial clients in Florida. We can help you evaluate the structural integrity of the roofing system and detect any shortcoming whether you are buying, selling or a current homeowner. We offer full roof inspections plus a detailed report with recommendations and suggestions on repairs and maintenance.

Is a Roof Condition Certification Mandatory?

Yes, insurances now requires Roof Condition Certification inspections or proof of roof replacement upon renewal for homes of certain ages.

All roofs must be in good condition with no damage or visible signs of leaks to be eligible for coverage with insurance companies. In addition, specific age of roof requirements have been implemented. Homes over 25 years old must have a Roof Condition Certification to obtain insurance.

Our Roof Inspection Services

During roof inspection, we look at different factors such as the age of the roofing materials, shape and type of roofing, physical condition of the roof, any visible damage, leaks and other roofing issues. Our roof inspectors will examine your roof closely and uncover any problems that may cause molding, warping, or rotting. Call 305-910-1171 to schedule an inspection today.

Inspect Your Roof Regularly

At Florida Inspections Unlimited, we urge you to undertake roof inspections at least once per year. You need to pay special attention to the flashing, pipes, roof planes, and vents on the roofs (where leaks mostly occur). We also urge you to clean your gutters and remove leaves and debris from the roof at least once a year.  During roof inspections, we’ll look at any loose or missing components, warped or damaged shingles, and the overall state of the roof.

Expert Roof Inspections

Florida Inspections Unlimited takes great pride in having a team of qualified, experienced, and state licensed roof inspectors. Our home and roof inspectors will advise you on whether your roof needs replacement or repairs.   If you would like us to inspect your roof call 305-910-1171 and schedule an appointment or home visit. We’re available for emergency inspections and weekend visits.

Need Urgent Roof Inspections?

Call 305-910-1171 and request a free estimate for urgent roof inspections. Our professionals will answer all your questions and guide you on every aspect of roof inspections and repairs where applicable.