40 Year Building Recertification Miami

If you own old property in Miami chances are you’ve heard about 40 year building recertification.  The ordinance was enforced in 1975 and then it was replaced in 2001 by the Florida Building Code. The recertification decree applies to buildings within counties in Florida with the exception of small structures, duplexes, and single family homes. Forms are issued by the county and normally sent to individuals along with notice for inspection.

How does it work?

40 year recertification requires that buildings in Florida be re-certified for electrical and structural safety every 40 years.  Upon expiration of 40 years, the county or city building authority will send out a “Notice of Required Inspection” that will prompt you of the time for 40 year building inspection.

The property owner has 90 days upon receipt of the notice to comply and complete the inspection.  Even if you don’t receive a notice of inspection from the overseeing county department, you’re required to take personal responsibility to acquire the recertification as the owner every 10 years.

Once inspection is done, structural and electrical recertification will be done after 10 years (whether or not there are structural improvements). Should there be any structural improvements required, the owner of the building is given an additional 60 days to undertake and complete the improvements required. The supervising engineer will thereafter submit a follow up report indicating that the improvements have been made and the structure or building re-certified.

How we can help you?

Florida Inspections Unlimited has a team of qualified inspectors who can assist you with a 40 year recertification. We’ve inspected more than 100 buildings and issued our reports on the same. You can hire us with confidence that we will inspect your building and submit an objective report plus recommendations. As an owner, we urge you to comply immediately with the notice of inspection so that you can avoid being penalized for being late or for not fulfilling stipulated compliance requirements. Most importantly, you should seek the recertification so that you can prevent the possibility of an accident occurring within your building or premises.

40 Year Certification Requirements for Broward County

40 year building recertification’s vary from city to city and county to county in Florida. Most counties require buildings with 3,500 square ft. to be inspected. Most counties in Florida issue minimum guidelines for electrical and building recertification. Non-residential farm buildings and buildings with less than 2,000 square ft., state of Florida buildings, and building units on Indian reservations are exempted from re-certification. If your property falls into any of the above categories you will need a 40 year building recertification.

Need Help?

Florida Inspections Unlimited can help you fulfill the 40 year building recertification requirement today. We have a team of qualified inspectors who are ready to help you immediately when you receive your notice of inspection.  For more information about 40 year building recertification, call 305-910-1171 today.

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