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Radon Gas Testing Homestead

Do you have any residential or commercial property in Homestead, Florida, and are looking for a company that can offer you a professional radon gas inspection? Then search no more! Here, at Florida Inspections Unlimited, we are ready to provide you with the best radon gas inspection services for the best prices.

Our company is located in a great part of Miami, and you can find us in places such as Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, Doral, and, of course, Homestead. We are dedicated to offering the best radon gas inspections in all of Homestead for several kinds of clients. Learn more about our services here:

Our Main Services

We offer several kinds of inspection services, but the main ones are:

  • Radon gas inspections for schools
  • Radon testing for commercial properties
  • Radon gas testing for residential properties
  • Radon gas inspections in water

But, before into our services, let’s talk a bit about radon gas.

What are Radon Gas Inspections For?

You are probably acquainted with radon gas already. You have surely heard that it is an odorless, colorless, and inert gas and that it requires specific tests in order to be detected. This is a naturally-occurring gas; it is not synthetic. Although it might not be totally dangerous for us when we find it in its natural traces in the atmosphere, things change when radon gas gets trapped indoors.

Usually radon gas behaves this way, entering buildings through cracks or holes in their foundations. When this happens, the levels of radon begin increasing (something that is not noticeable unless you get an inspection) and you will be exposing yourself and everyone else sharing spaces with you in your premises to getting lung cancer.

If you get a radon gas inspection, you will be able to determine the radon levels in your buildings and, thus, take the necessary measures to manage and control it so you and everyone else can stay safe and away from lung cancer.

Radon Gas Testing Homestead in Schools

If you own a school, then keeping those children and adolescents safe is a must. If you haven’t gotten a radon gas testing on your school premises yet, then we are here to offer you our services. We will conduct a radon gas inspection led by a team of state-certified inspectors that will know how to do their job and how to inform you of the results and what to do next.

Radon Gas Inspections Homestead for Residential Properties

If you are worried about radon gas levels in your home, then do not worry. You can call us to get a radon gas inspection and determine the levels of radon in your residential property, or properties, and know whether you and your close relatives are exposed to lung cancer and what to do if that is the case.

Radon Levels Homestead for Commercial Properties

In case you are in charge of a workspace or are the owner of a commercial property, then making sure everyone stays safe is important. Your clients and employees deserve a space they can share where they are safe and not exposed to lung cancer.

Radon Gas Testing in Water

After getting a radon gas testing for the air indoors, we might suggest getting a radon gas inspection in your drinking water too. You can also count on us for conducting that inspection.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Florida Inspections Unlimited?

Hiring us is highly recommended because we are committed to offering you a high-quality inspection and having you know in the best possible way what the outcomes are. We will provide you with an easy-to-read report, and our radon gas tests are also conducted by state-certified inspectors with years of experience and expert knowledge.

We have completed more than 6,000 inspections since 2008 and we are ready to help you in every possible way. For more information about scheduling an inspection and for getting a free estimate, call us now at (305) 910-1171. We serve the following zip codes and more: 33030, 33031, 33032, 33033, 33034, 33035, 33039, 33090, and 33092.

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