Formaldehyde Test Inspection Florida

Do you suspect that your home could be having high levels of formaldehyde? Don’t wait any longer. The health and the lives of your family members are far too important. Call us now at Florida Inspections Unlimited on 305-910-1171 for immediate formaldehyde testing services.

Why test for formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a very prevalent chemical in our environment. It is a colorless gas and has a characteristic pungent smell, just like other gases belonging to the aldehydes family. It is commonly used as a preservative in morgues and laboratories.

It will also be present in products such as glues, certain household products, chemicals, paper production coatings, permanent press fabrics, plywood and fiberboards. It also has wider application as an industrial germicide, disinfectant, and fungicide.

To the human health, exposure to formaldehyde can come with a myriad of health complications. To begin with, it carcinogenic, which implies that it can cause various types of cancer, specifically lung and nasal cancer. It is also very dangerous to the immune system since an initial exposure to the agent can lead to various immune system responses which can breed other complications to the body.

Exposure to formaldehyde at home is normally through gas phase inhalation and when you are exposed to concentration of above 0.1ppm, you may begin to immediately experience nasal irritation along your respiratory tract.

Probable sources of formaldehyde at home

In the home set up, the probable sources which may contain formaldehyde include a variety of household products, building and insulation materials, the use of fuel burning appliances without good ventilations etc.

It is of utmost importance to consider formaldehyde testing as a routine practice, especially when you get to a new home. It is colorless and until you start feeling its effects, you may never know about its presence in your house.

Quality Formaldehyde testing inspection in Miami

At Florida Inspections Unlimited, we specialize in offering a wide range of home inspections services in Miami, with formaldehyde testing being one of our core specializations. Over the years, we have built a stellar reputation for being the most reputable formaldehyde testing company and with our assistance, you are guaranteed the discovery and removing of all formaldehyde that might be present in your home and which may risk the health of your family members.

In our testing, we use approved laboratory sampling and testing methods to guarantee quality, accurate and fast results at affordable costs. Our analytical test methods are industry approved and have been certified by the California Air Resources Board as well as the European DIN Standards – the top authorities in Air Quality Testing in the world.

Other than the superiority of our services, there are some of the other nice benefits you will be getting from us-:

  • Experienced team of formaldehyde inspectors
  • Affordable rates
  • We are a legitimate state-licensed inspection company
  • Fast service delivery
  • Fast inspection report turnarounds, usually in less than 48 hours

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