Property Land Survey Miami

Our Services

  • Boundary Surveys Title Insurance, Construction, Permits, Architectural Designs, Engineering Projects and Boundary Disputes
  • Topographic Surveys Construction, Permits, Architectural Designs and Engineering Projects
  • Construction Lay-out Surveys Stake-out for New Construction or Improvements
  • ALTA Surveys Title Insurance
  • Specific Purpose Survey For any purpose specified by the client
  • Elevation Certificates Flood Insurance, Construction, Permits, Architectural Designs, and Engineering Projects
  • Provides all types of services (Residential or Commercial), such as: Mortgage / Title Insurance
  • As-built Property Line
  • Dispute Permit Construction
  • ALTA / ACSM Specific
  • Purpose Design Platting Legal Descriptions
  • Topography
  • Elevation Certificate
  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
  • And More! Boundary survey Topographic or site map survey Plot survey (subdivision/boundary alteration plots) Construction survey Elevation certification (e.g. for flood insurance)

Mortgage Survey

A mortgage survey is almost always required by a lender to confirm that the property being purchased is free of any above ground encroachments. All improvements within the boundaries are shown, as well as the boundary lines to display the property’s limits. Title companies, attorneys, or prospective home buyers can be responsible for ordering a survey depending on the circumstances. A mortgage survey (also called an as-built survey) should meet the minimum technical standards (MTS) provided by Florida’s department of agriculture and consumer services.

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