Shower Pan Test Inspection Miami

Your bathroom is one of those small but very important places in your home and anything wrong with them will result into a lot of inconveniences and frustrations. One of the main problems you can ever encounter in your bathroom is issues with your shower pan.

Any slight problem with it will imply that you will not be able to enjoy your shower or you will do it at great discomfort. This is why it is imperative to have the shower pan in impeccable condition at all times and, here at Florida Inspections Unlimited, we are ready to offer you with prompt, reliable and affordable shower pan inspection services in Miami.

Save huge costs with prompt shower pan inspection

The common saying, prevention is better than cure, has never been as true as it is when referring to shower pan inspection services in Miami. It is a good idea to spend a little money on inspection services instead of waiting to repair or replace the entire shower, both of which will come with huge financial obligations.

Before moving to a new home, shower pan inspection is one of those services you should insist on and avoiding it may be very detrimental in the near future. Other than this, you should make it a habit of having your shower pan tested regularly just to ensure nothing, which may threaten its life and cause you a lot of inconveniences, is already happening.

How to know it’s time to call for shower pan test inspection

Other than for routine checking, (which is highly recommended), you should know the warning signs that it is time for your call for shower pan inspections. Some of the most prominent signs include-:

  • Water draining too quickly – normally there is a rate at which water is expected to drain when the shower is operating optimally. However, if you notice the rate of the drainage to be faster than normal, it would be a good idea to call for shower pan test inspection since there is likelihood that the linings of the pan have leaks. The leaks, if not checked and repaired, can lead to a lot of damage in the future.
  • Wet outside wall – again, if you notice that the wall outside the shower pan is wet, with mould growing on it, this is a direct pointer towards a leak in your shower pan and this should make you call for shower pan test inspection immediately.

Why you should work with experts

Conducting a shower pan leak test is something you could do on your own, but working with the experts, like Florida Inspections Unlimited, will gift you with a plethora of benefits. We will offer you with fast and accurate services to pinpoint where the specific problem is in your shower.

This will then be followed by a comprehensive report on how you can mitigate the issue in the most convenient manner. On your own, you may take a long time and since you lack the knowledge, skills and expertise needed for accurate results, you may find it to be a very hectic endeavor.

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