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It is our joy to bring you quality, reliable and affordable property inspections services in Sunny Isles Beach. We have been in this industry for the last three decades, during which we have conducted over 6,000 inspection projects for different kinds of clients. We thus have the skills, expertise and experience needed to undertake any type of property inspection services in Sunny Isles Beach.

Trust us with the following property inspections services and you will never be disappointed:

Home Inspection – are you planning to buy, sell or just know the exact state of your home with regards to the soundness of the structures and its overall condition? All you need is our home inspection Sunny Isles Beach services to get all the details you need.

Wind Mitigation Inspections Services –do you know that you are likely to be paying higher on your home insurance simply because your home is not certified for wind mitigation inspection? Call us now for our wind mitigation inspection Sunny Isles Beach services to lower your home insurance premiums besides securing your home against windstorms that are so rampant in this area.

Mold Inspection – at Florida Inspections Unlimited, we offer reliable mold inspection and testing services to help you avert the potential dangers posed by the presence of mold in structures. With the mold inspection Sunny Isles Beach services we have for you, we will not only inspect and test your structure for mold, but also offer professional recommendations on how to ensure you are never bothered by them.

4 Point Inspection – With 4 point inspection Sunny Isles Beach services, our competent team of inspectors will take a closer look at your plumbing, electrical, roofing and HVAC system for the purposes of establishing their efficiency and cost effectiveness to your home. If these four systems are defective in any way, you are bound to lose a lot, especially on your utility bills and we help you avoid all that.

Roof Inspection – for roof inspection, the objective is to ensure that the roof is in a good state to withstand all the forces of nature. That last thing you want is for your roof to be blown off in the middle of a storm and that is why you need roof inspection Sunny Isle Beach services to avoid such inconveniences.

Radon Inspection – radon inspection Sunny Isles Beach will help you ensure that you don’t have the dangerous gas accumulating within your structure. Remember, this is the second largest cause of cancer in the USA and you don’t want to fall a victim because you were never aware of its presence within your building.

Chinese Drywall Inspection – if you have a Chinese drywall, then it is imperative to have Chinese drywall inspection Sunny Isle Beach services to identify all the defects for the purpose of preserving the quality of indoor environment and the health of the occupants.

Why work with us

  • Qualified, certified and competent team of property inspectors
  • Flexible service delivery, including weekends
  • Affordable rates on all the inspection services
  • 24/7 Customer care experience
  • Emergency services available
  • Timely delivery of inspection reports, usually within 24 and 48 hours

Need Help?

Are you in need of property inspection services in Sunny Isles Beach? Call us on 305-910-1171 for professional and affordable property inspection services. Do not forget to ask for a free no obligation quote on the particular services you need.


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