3 Common Questions About Mold

  • Post on October 19th, 2020
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Have you ever noticed when something doesn’t smell right or smells “off” within your home or office? It could indicate that you have a mold problem and need a professional inspection.  In most cases, the smell of mold is the first clue that you have a problem that you cannot see on the surface.  In most Miami area homes; mold is usually found in attics or walls where occupants are unable to see it.  Consequently, your nose and your sense of smell are your most powerful detection tools.  Here are 3 common questions about mold and its smell.

How can You detect the Smell?

Obviously, the answer is “with your nose.”  However, in order to be effective, it’s crucial to identify what you’re smelling.  Thousands of mold species exist.  Each of them have different textures, colors, and of course, smells.  Some molds smell earthy while others smell sweet.  Still others smell like rotting meat or fermenting alcohol.  Unfortunately, one species can produce vastly different odors depending on what stage of its digestive, growth, or reproductive cycle that it’s in.  Although you may be used to a particular type of smell that mold emits, don’t ignore other detected odors in the home. And if you do detect other signs like a black streak on the wall or wet patches, look closely. Usually, that is where the mold starts growing and can cover walls and ceilings in no time, if it is damp or wet.

What does it smell like?

Although there is a broad range of mold odors, there are ways that you can distinguish those mold-based odors from others.  Mold is like cheese in some respects in that its odor can vary significantly.  However, they all share very similar characteristics.  Some mold smells like a sharp aged cheddar while others have a softer smell like Mozzarella.  However, despite these variations, most of us know what different cheeses smell like.  Molds typically have a moist, musty, and pungent odor.  If you’ve recently noticed any of these smells in your home, you should probably have a professional mold inspection.

What causes it to smell?

A common misconception among Miami area homeowners is that the smell that mold emits is caused by its spores.  Granted, there are certain mold odors that are caused by their spores.  However, the majority of mold odors are caused by MVOC’s or microbial volatile organic compounds.  These are specific chemicals that are produced by the different biological processes of mold.  In most cases, they are often byproducts of its digestive, growth, or reproductive cycles.  Furthermore, depending on the stage of its life cycle, mold may produce different smells or none at all.

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