Benefits of Thermographic Inspections for First-time Home Buyers

  • Post on November 25th, 2019
  • by RocketMAD
  • at Thermographic Inspections

At Florida Inspections Unlimited, we understand how first-time home buyers need all the help they can get over and above the financial aspects involved.  We provide that help by using thermal imaging technology when inspecting homes in the greater Miami area.  Because they are sensitive to infrared radiation, thermal imaging cameras can easily detect temperature changes in different areas of commercial and residential structures.  The following structural issues can easily be detected by using thermal imaging.

Detecting Heat Loss

Keeping a home cool in summer and warm in winter is an extremely energy-intensive task.  Since most people rely on their thermostats to keep their homes comfortable in summer and winter, the insulation in these structures plays a critically important role in conserving energy.  Florida Inspections Unlimited professionals use thermal imaging cameras that can quickly detect those areas within your home that are allowing cool air or heat to escape. This helps to ensure that the damage or cracks in the structure can be remodified to insulate better.

Discovering Electrical Hazards

Thermal imaging cameras can also detect hot spots within the walls of a home if there is damaged wiring or an electrical circuit is overloaded.  House fires and other potentially hazardous conditions can result if an electrical hazard is not detected in time.  We can check the temperature of a home’s electrical panels to ensure that this equipment is in proper working condition.  Finding an existing electrical hazard during a thermographic inspection could help first-time home buyers avoid a catastrophe in the future. And helps you save on the thousands of dollars to remedy the situation later on.

Finding HVAC System Damage

One of the key advantages of using thermal imaging during a home inspection is that it enables Florida Inspections Unlimited specialists to identify temperatures of hidden objects.  This is especially true when it comes to detecting HVAC system damage.  This technology enables us to survey large areas and detect problems that are caused when the performance of an HVAC system has been compromised.  This technology can also help us to detect leaks in an air conditioning compressor.

Identifying Leaks and Moisture Accumulation

When left undetected, a hidden problem can become an extremely costly repair issue.  A perfect example of such a problem is leaking pipes within the walls of a home and the moisture accumulation that can result.  In addition to causing serious and costly repair problems, this can compromise a home’s structural integrity.  Thermal imaging cameras can easily detect the presence of leaks and moisture build-up.

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