Mold Growth And What You Can Do About It

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As a Florida homeowner, you probably know that mold is an ongoing concern, even in new construction.  As much as we enjoy the Florida climate and the enviable lifestyle you can have in this state, the combination of humidity and warmer temperatures provides mold with an excellent growth medium.  Consequently, most Floridians know that mold is a persistent problem.  As a threat to buildings and property, it’s important that mold is found early during a comprehensive mold inspection.

A Brief Overview

Mold growth results when you have the ideal mixture of moisture, nutrients, and warm temperatures.  Once the spores find their way into your home, it doesn’t take long for mold to settle in and start growing quickly.  It’s not a matter of how to get rid of mold spores or prevent them from entering your home.  After all, you can’t see them and they exist indoors and out.  The issue is knowing how to discover or find mold and remediate or remove it from your home. There are experts for mold inspection and remediation so consulting them can help you ensure a healthy home.

Consequences of Mold Growth

If left undetected or not caught early, mold can spread quickly and cause thousands of dollars in damage.  More importantly, it can cause significant health issues, especially for individuals with respiratory problems.  Simply breathing in mold spores from the air surrounding us indoors or touching mold can result in a wide range of reactions.  For some individuals, it can cause coughing, eye issues, runny noses, skin rashes, and so on.  For other individuals, the effects can be more severe.

3 Steps to Preventing Mold Growth

If you live in Florida, mold growth is a common occurrence.  And while there is no 100% “sure-fire” cure for mold, you can keep the growth of it to a minimum by taking these 3 preventative measures:

  • Eliminate the nutrients mold feeds on – when mold has a food sources (e.g. natural fibers found in books, clothing, furnishings, and paper products), it will settle in and start spreading quickly.  Keeping a clean home will discourage this from happening.
  • Maintain moisture control – cracks, doors, and windows all serve as portals for damp air.  Leaks and plumbing issues are also culprits.  Check for these issues and make any corrections necessary.
  • Temperature control – hot weather encourages the growth of mold and it will typically thrive in a home whose temperature ranges between 75° and 87°.  Granted, your A/C will help.  However, if the air is humid, you won’t be able to prevent mold growth from happening.

For more information or to schedule a home mold inspection, call Florida Inspections Unlimited at 305-910-1171 today.

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