Should You still get a Home Inspection if You’re buying it “AS IS”?

  • Post on November 9th, 2020
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While some sellers who are working without a real estate agent may prefer to sell their home “as is”, you may be wondering if a home inspection is still necessary.  When someone decides to sell their home “as is” it may be because they don’t want to invest the money in making the necessary repairs or take on the liability for any defects that may exist.  In any event, you should still pay for a home inspection if you’re considering making an offer on the home.  Here are 3 reasons to do so:

You have no idea what “as is” means – although you can get an idea of a home’s condition by doing a walk-through and maybe spotting what needs to be repaired, but only a professional home inspection will reveal the detailed information you need.  A home inspector has been trained to detect that you might not notice.  Having a home inspection report will give you a better idea of what the terminology “as is” means.  This puts you in a much better position to determine whether or not you want to buy it.

Home inspections provide a 3rd party’s unbiased details and information – in many states, the seller is required to provide you with a written disclosure about the home’s condition.  However, in most cases, they often don’t provide sufficient information and unfortunately, some of them will even lie about it.  A home inspection will provide any information that the seller failed to disclose.  Additionally, if a home inspector finds evidence of concealing information on the part of the seller or that they lied to you that might be a red flag or warning about not buying the property from that particular seller.

If you buy an “as is” home without an inspection and discover defects, it’s not the end of the world – a competent home inspector can review the disclosure and determine what the seller knew or should’ve known.  In some cases, home inspectors have found that sellers either concealed important information from the buyer or made a misrepresentation.  Even when selling a home “as is”, the seller can be held liable for concealment or misrepresentation.

Obviously, hiring a home inspector before buying an “as is” home is the smart choice.  It could help you save more than just the fees of the inspection. Remember, paying for a home inspection is far cheaper than the money you could be spending to fix an “as is” home.

If you are contemplating buying a similar home, it is good to take an inspection to ensure you don’t pay more later on. For more information, contact Florida Inspections Unlimited at 305-910-1171.

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