The Basics of a Miami Area Home Mold Inspection

  • Post on February 11th, 2020
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If you or a loved one is experiencing allergies, headaches, or respiratory problems, it could be attributed to mold growth in your home.  Despite how common this problem is in southern Florida; this health hazard isn’t always visible.  This is all the more reason to schedule a professional mold inspection.  Here’s what to expect when you do.

Schedule the appointment – start the process by calling a local area mold inspection service.  Be sure to make notes about certain areas of the home where you suspect that mold is growing.  The inspector will find this information very useful.

Areas that will be inspected – while the inspector checks out the areas on your list, they will also examine crawl spaces, ductwork, floors, walls, and windows.  Mold often grows in some very unusual areas of the home.  Consequently, it’s easy to overlook.

Sample collection – part of the mold inspection process involves collecting samples such as air quality or surface area samples.  Care will be taken not to spread mold spores during the collection process.

Testing of samples – once collected, mold samples will be sent to a special laboratory for additional testing.  All samples will be tested in order to confirm the presence of mold in your home or rule it out completely.  There’s no in-between on this.

Getting the report – once the testing is complete and the data is analyzed, a report of the findings is compiled and sent to you.  If mold is present, the inspection service will provide you with information regarding the type of mold, where it is located, and the extent of the damage.

Mold elimination – mold spores are easily spread once disturbed.  Removal specialists wear protective clothing and gear as a result (the homeowner may need to as well).  The mold is carefully scraped away and all contaminated surfaces are thoroughly cleaned with chlorine bleach or other disinfectant cleaner.

Post-remediation testing – this is one of the more crucial steps in the finding and elimination of mold.  It ensures that the remediation specialists followed protocol and that there is a safe number of spores in your home. They have measuring devices and can evaluate the condition of the home after the elimination process is completed.

Preventing mold infestations in the future – keep in mind that even though the mold in your home has been remediated, it can reappear in the future.  Having your home inspected for mold on an annual basis is a must in Florida. That is the only way to ensure that your home is safe and secure from the mildew and mold.

To learn more about home mold inspections or to schedule an appointment for one, contact Florida Inspections Unlimited at 305-910-1171.

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