The Benefits of Having a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

  • Post on May 5th, 2020
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One of the smartest decisions you can make when putting your house up for sale is to have a professional pre-listing home inspection.  Most home sellers fail to realize that prospective buyers tend to back out of a deal once the inspection has revealed hidden problems.  A pre-listing inspection will prevent any unexpected surprises down the road and streamline the sales process as well.  Having an exact picture of the condition of your home enables you to can address any issue that could potentially derail the sale.

Pre-Listing vs. Standard Home Inspections

You’re probably wondering what a pre-listing home inspection is and how it differs from a standard home inspection.  Pre-listing inspections like standard inspections provide a complete assessment and evaluation of a person’s property.  In both cases, the person performing the inspection will examine key aspects of a home including its structural components and systems.  Once completed, the inspector will provide the client with a detailed report of their findings.

The primary difference between the two is that the prospective buyer pays for the home inspection and has it performed prior to the closing of the sale.  A pre-listing inspection is paid for by the seller or in some cases, the listing agent, and could potentially reveal a problem or problems that would compromise the transaction.  By having the inspection performed at the beginning of the sales process, those obstacles that could interfere with the process are removed, thereby shortening the length of time involved.

If you are in doubt, it is essential that you only work with the best home inspectors in the industry.

Why should You consider a Pre-Listing Inspection?

Pre-listing home inspections provide benefits for everyone involved in the home selling process. Let us enumerate some of the advantages which includes:

  • 3rd party reviews of the condition of the home enables some buyers to obtain the type of financing they need
  • additional time for the listing agent to help the seller determine what will help improve the appeal of the home
  • agents won’t have any unpleasant surprises when negotiating the sale of the home with a prospective buyer
  • pre-listing inspections give the seller ample time to compare repair bids before having the work performed
  • relieves the doubts and stress that a buyer may have about the condition of the home they’re interested in
  • sellers have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a home inspector in the greater Miami area

For more information regarding pre-listing home inspections or to schedule one at your convenience, contact Florida Inspections Unlimited today at 305-910-1171. We would be glad to assist you through your home inspection.

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