What are the Disadvantages of a FREE Mold Inspection?

  • Post on November 16th, 2020
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Miami area mold inspection companies often use different marketing tactics to attract new clients.  One of the more common techniques used is to advertise a FREE mold inspection.  Although you may be tempted request a free mold inspection, it may not be a wise decision.  However, if you’re still not convinced, here are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t take advantage of a free mold inspection:

Florida laws – each state has its own unique laws regarding mold remediation.  In Florida, you cannot get mold removed from your home or office by the same company that conducted the mold inspection.  This prevents less reputable and untrustworthy companies from taking advantage of the consumer.  Chances are, they wouldn’t have their customer’s best interests in mind anyway.

FREE often means more costly – due to inaccurate testing, free mold inspections can be more costly than one you pay for.  Because it spreads quickly, mold problem that goes undetected can cost thousands of dollars in damage.  It could also be a threat to your health and well-being and the costs attached to medical care.

Inaccurate results – it’s unlikely that a company offering free mold inspections is going to provide the most accurate results to begin with.  A thorough professional inspection is by no means cheap.  Costly equipment and skillfully trained personnel are needed if a company is going to provide the highest quality mold inspections.  So, they probably can’t afford to offer free inspections. You need to know that professionals

Lack of proper credentials – believe it or not, there are no legal standards for mold inspections in some states.  In Florida, mold inspectors are required to be certified and licensed in order to legally perform the work.  Consequently, most free mold inspections aren’t conducted by certified and licensed individuals. Thus, this should be your biggest red flag.

Mold inspection scams – as with any other industry, the mold inspection industry is not immune to scams.  Mold inspection scammers that target consumers will use some devious tactics to victimize them.  For example, they’ll shake out pillows and rugs so there’s an extremely high concentration of them in the air.

No moisture inspection – moisture in the home is an ideal breeding ground for mold.  Unfortunately, not all mold inspections include this component.  Even though there may be no evidence of mold, if moisture is present, it will start growing and spreading sooner or later.  Moisture inspections are a key component of mold inspections.

Don’t be fooled by free mold inspections.  It is not really worth the time spent. You need to work with licensed and insured specialists that understand the nuances pf the whole process. Contact Florida Inspections Unlimited today at 305-910-1171.

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