What Effects Can Mold Have on Your Brain?

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Most of us know what mold and mildew are while a handful of us have heard of black mold.  However, most individuals don’t know that mold can have certain effects on the brain.  Mold is a toxin that releases toxic spores and gas into the air we breathe.  When the toxins enter our bodies by breathing them in or through our skin, the gases can disturb different organs, including your brain.  Many of us confuse mold infections with allergies.  However, a mold infection can affect our brain and cognitive function.

Is it a matter of Stress or is it Mold Toxicity?

A number of dysfunctions can occur whenever mold toxicity is present including feelings of craziness or psychological distress.  Since the 1950’s when drywall began taking the place of plaster, reports of mold infections have been on the rise.  Some of the more frightening symptoms of mold infections or toxicity include:

  • breathing problems
  • changes in sensation
  • coordination problems
  • digestive issues
  • dizziness or vertigo
  • exhaustion and fatigue
  • mental fog
  • muscle weakness
  • psychological distress

Is it a Brain Injury, Lyme disease, or Mold Infection?

This is another question that may arise based on the types of symptoms that a person in having.  The 3 conditions being compared here have extremely similar symptoms.  All of these are associated with brain fog, insomnia, memory loss, and even nausea.  TBI’s or Traumatic Brain Injuries can be frighteningly painful and debilitating.  Consequently, people tend to seek immediate attention for them.  The symptoms of a TBI can appear suddenly without warning and often last for years of be permanent.

As a result, these conditions are often misdiagnosed as something different.  When mold infections aren’t diagnosed improperly as a brain injury or Lyme disease, it may be diagnosed as some other brain condition due to the symptoms present.  The sudden “brain fog” or loss of memory is often written off due to getting older, while symptoms of anxiety and depression often signal that a person is suffering from some form of mental or psychological illness.

Counteracting and treating Mold Infections

Most infections can cause allergic or respiratory distress and if you suspect you have the symptoms of a mold infection, you should do the following as soon as possible:

  • get a comprehensive medical evaluation
  • schedule a professional mold inspection of your home

In most cases, healthcare providers will recommend containing or stopping your exposure and increase your Vitamin D level.  To learn more about mold infections, see your family physician. They would be able to evaluate your respiratory or other related issues and ensure that you get the required assistance. To schedule a mold inspection, contact Florida Inspections Unlimited at 305-910-1171 today.

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