What isn’t included in a Florida Home Inspection?

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For most individuals, the purchase of a home is the largest investment they will make in their lifetimes.  Naturally, when you find a home that you are considering buying, you’re going to want to have it inspected before making an offer on it.  Otherwise, your dream home might have something dangerous and costly to fix hiding within the structure.  So what does a home inspection cover? These inspections typically cover the condition of the electrical system, foundation and roof, and the HVAC system.

Dealing with Home Inspections

For many potential homeowners, the Florida home inspection process is one that is often misunderstood and be one of the most stressful elements of the home buying process.  Keep in mind that a home inspection report is not going to inform you of every problem with the house.  Nor will it tell you everything that’s right with it either.  What it will do is give you a basic idea of the conditions of the systems mentioned above. But before you invest in a house, it is essential to get the basic idea about the condition of the house.

What’s interesting is that many home buyers think that home inspections are done as a grading system of pass or fail which simply isn’t true.  Just as no two homes are alike, neither are the people who buy them.  Every homeowner is different where their repair capabilities and resources are concerned.  For instance, one person may not have a problem with a leaky pipe whereas that could be a deal-breaker for another.

What isn’t covered in a Home Inspection Report?

While a Florida home inspection report may provide an estimate of the lifespan of an appliance or system, it won’t tell you if you’re going to have an electrical or plumbing problem in the future.  Listed below are issues that a standard home inspection won’t cover.  For the prospective buyer, calling in a certified specialist is advisable if you’re concerned about these issues:

  • asbestos
  • lead paint
  • pests
  • radon
  • swimming pool problems
  • toxic mold

A home inspection will only cover what is visible.  Consequently, the issues above are not something that is visible.  Additionally, in many older Florida homes, their attics have been sealed shut and are not accessible to any home inspector.  Thus, it isn’t possible for them to examine those areas for any potential costly problems.  A home inspection will help you protect your investment and prevent you from buying a property that contains far too many problems to deal with. And you can always look for a home that is worth your money.

For additional information or to schedule an inspection, contact Florida Inspections Unlimited at 305-910-1171.

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